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Jack and Kate Fans

Verbal Copulation at its Finest

12/14/11 10:21 pm - missml


*K-Celebs(Kim Bum)|01-10|
*K-Dramas(Boys Before Flowers, Playful Kiss, Personal Taste)|11-30|
*J-Celebs(Yamashita Tomohisa,Smap, News)|31-45|
*Oth (LP, Hilarie&JDM,Dean&Peyton)|46-58|
*Lost(serie final)|59-65|


more ... )

11/15/11 03:18 am - pollyks - Fanfic: Breathe your name

Title: Breath your name
Author: Polly
Ship: jate
Timeline: Set in season 1, after the ep 1x07 (The Moth)
Chapter: 1 (one-shot)                                                     
Rating: K                  
Summary: Kate is living at the beach's camp and Jack is living in the caves. Kate feels the effects of the distance between them.


11/11/11 01:32 pm - prettygrotesque - Fun way to hold onto LOST!

Now Available: Up-Cycled 2012 LOST Planner

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10/4/11 03:46 pm - icanthaveyou

Jack & Kate Banner



9/25/11 01:32 pm - morganlucas41 - Two Jack/Kate vids

Hello all...this is my first post to this community, so let me know if I am doing something wrong!

Here are a couple of Jack/Kate vids I made some time back, but am just now posting. They're both angsty and heavy on scenes from the finale, but I hope you all enjoy!

I've embedded the vids below the cut. I love comments - here or at my journal here. Thanks for watching!

Click to see the vids!Collapse )

9/24/11 12:00 pm - xblackrockx - New website: xLOSTCAPSx

Created a HD/Blu-Ray and HQ stills "Lost" screen capture website! Come visit, it's a work in progress but the plan is to get every episode capped and include HQ promotional stills and episodic stills!


xLOSTCAPSx is the only "Lost" screen capture and image archive on the web to solely feature High Definition Blu-ray screen grabs and High Quality promotional and episodic stills! Screen captures on this website are taken from Blu-ray at 1080p HD, 1920x1080 pixel dimensions. The promotional and episodic stills archived here are no less than 1500 pixels on the largest dimension. xLOSTCAPSx also features a High Quality of the Moment, which are stills larger than any other on the site—we like to call these Ultra High Quality (UHQ).

You will notice that xLOSTCAPSx does not place watermarks on any image found on this site. We do not believe in altering images. All captures and stills are here for everyone to enjoy. We remain "JPEG Ownership" drama FREE! In addition, if you use the screen captures/stills on your website or in artwork, it would be nice to link back to the website so others may use them too! Also, drop us an e-mail so we know where and how the captures are being used!

xlostcapsx xlostcapsx xlostcapsx
xlostcapsx xlostcapsx xlostcapsx

(also looking for more Lost-related, HQ, HD/Blu-ray affiliates)

9/10/11 05:55 pm - pollyks - Fanfic: Fever

Title: Fever
Author: Polly
Characters: Jate
Timeline:  Set in season 4, few months after they left the island
Chapters: one-shot
Rating: M                               
Status: Complete
Summary: Aaron is sick and Kate doesn’t know what to do. She asks Jack to help her. The sexual tension between them comes to surface.


9/2/11 10:09 pm - hintofawhisper - fic: jack/kate: "im memoriam"

title: in memoriam 
rating: pg-13 
fandom: lost 
characters/pairing: kate, claire, aaron, sawyer; jack/kate 
genre(s): drama/angst 
word count: 1,670 
status: complete 
spoilers: for the whole series 
summary: if she stares into the darkness long enough, she can see Jack’s face. 
a/n: it’s been a really long time! this was something I just happened to think of today. hope you enjoy!

Kate watches when Claire wraps her arms around Aaron, head buried in the crook of his neck, quietly sobbing.

8/28/11 05:35 am - jatelove


more here

7/13/11 03:37 pm - pollyks - Fanfic: I need you so

Title: I need you so
Author: Polly
Rating: K
Characters: Jate
Chapters: one shot
Status: complete
Summary: Kate thinks about Jack. Pos-finale. Songfic.
Author’s note: I took the song “I love you” by Sarah McLachlan. English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes!


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