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Jack and Kate Fans

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A Jack/Kate livejournal community
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Welcome to the Jack/Kate shippers community.

“This is my personal opinion but I think that is Jack and Kate are this over-arching, longterm thing on the show. I think a lot of fans want to see that happen. They are two people who are obviously drawn together and they have a lot of issues already and they’ll come and flow until they finally get together at some point. " Matthew Fox

"It will happen. Just wait for it - it will happen." Evangeline (about a Jack & Kate romance)

- Please do not bash the characters or the actors, If you are not fans of Jack/Kate Matthew/Evangeline then you shouldnt be here.

- Pictures, icons, and fanfics are very welcome, but we encourage some discussion too.

- Comment and credit any icons that you want to snag.

- Please make sure any articles, pictures, icons that are even semi-spoilery are behind an lj cut.

- Icons and graphics are obviously very much welcome and encouraged. This will not be strictly enforced, but try and make sure if you do have an icon post, please have it be J/K icons only. As long as there are J/K icons, other Lost icons are welcome but no other fandom. There are tooons of fandom communities for your other shows. You may provide a link to your multi-fandom icons, and we would appreciate that your J/K icons be posted under an lj-cut within the community.

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